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This community was created with the intention to be a haven for those who love to create and dream! If you are an author, a thinker, or just plain wanting to get some things off your chest, you've come to the right place! This is a free haven to display your works of fiction, prose, music, artwork, and anything else you desire. Although I have a few guidelines...

1) The works do not have to be originals from you (i.e. song lyrics that inspire you); however, if you do post something from another source, please be kind enough to cite said source to give proper credit where it is due.

2) If and when you do post, please keep your posts and subsequent comments respectful to those around you. If I feel if anything posted within here is written with the intent to be harmful, I will delete it (and maybe even you). You have been warned.

3) If posts are long, please please use an LJ cut.

4) Language and more adult/mature subject matters are permitted here, however, please put such things behind LJ cuts to be considerate of others.

Enough of the legal and boring part of the program. Have fun posting here, and glad to have you join. :)

Please enjoy!


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